We are looking to hire talented communicators in Hong Kong (SAR), Beijing or Shanghai. Please send your CV to


Everything we do is underpinned by ACTION:

As communications strategists and advisors to senior leaders at established blue-chip organisations and start-ups across Asia, we pride ourselves on having a robust set of values that govern the way we work together as a team and with clients.

Aspiring – always doing better, going higher, moving beyond the obvious

Curious – never stop asking, learning, listening, understanding, innovating

Trusted – living and breathing our clients' businesses, and helping them to seize opportunities and overcome challenges

Integrity – honest, reliable, transparent and resolute advisors

Original – creative solutions and narratives that align with the fast evolving economic, business, political and societal landscapes globally and regionally

Nimble – providing timely intelligence and executing rapid response strategies to navigate fast moving and complex situations

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For the right candidates, SEC Newgate offers:


  • A well-structured career path

  • A collaborative team environment

  • A comprehensive training programme

  • Very competitive remuneration packages

  • Best-in-industry leave policy

  • Healthcare benefits