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Reagan Yeung. Photo by Ryan Lai.

By Reagan Yeung, Intern at SEC Newgate Greater China and student at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, taking a degree in Global China Studies.

I am approaching my final year at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, undertaking a degree in Global China Studies. Having previously worked with TVB‘s news division and Yazhou Zhoukan, and after founding the global news analysis platform Glozr last year, this experience in journalism aroused my interest in exploring and creating value for people and businesses in a more straightforward and impactful manner.

This summer, it has been exciting for me to set foot on the other side of the industry, working with financial and corporate communications, and public affairs consultancy SEC Newgate Greater China. Here, I managed to get the best of both worlds, as my previous experience has helped me to adapt to this fast-paced industry, but there was still the right number of challenges to conquer, and plenty of new things to learn. My colleagues generously offered me their professional insights and tips on communication skills, the PE and VC markets, client relationships, and much more in training sessions. The office has also been the birthplace of new thoughts and ideas, where my colleagues and I were encouraged to open discussion and exchange food for thought.

Fast and serious

I was thrilled to have become involved in working for multiple clients, including renowned tech and PE firms, as we helped them make well-informed decisions. One major aspect of my work was keeping tabs on policy, political and bureaucratic changes for our clients.

The beginning of my internship was marked by a massive overhaul of the city’s political landscape. The new Chief Executive was sworn in promising major reforms. Bureaucratic reforms were announced including the installment of three new Deputy Secretaries of Department, four task forces to tackle major social issues, reforms of government bureaux, and the revival of the Central Policy Unit in the form of the Chief Executive’s Policy Unit. Changes were also made to the executive-legislative dynamics and the power balance between political parties. Then came the much-anticipated visit by President Xi, which was followed by a significant easing of quarantine and border measures.

All these changes had profound ramifications for the daily business operation and decision-making of our clients. I studied and monitored key appointments, policy shifts and relevant LegCo bills and proposals, providing clients with real-time updates and analysis. In addition, I closely tracked media coverage of these political changes, monitored industry news, undertook translation work for international clients and provided logistics and secretarial support for major client events. All of this has added to my belief in the power of communications in making a difference.

You are not alone

Working in communications is fast-paced and requires multitasking from time to time. However, nothing is too daunting as long as you can deal with the pressure and manage your time right – with your team by your side. What I appreciate most is the dedication towards accuracy and the attention to detail demonstrated by my amazing colleagues. We dived deep into the minutiae of policies and news events, unearthing important findings to present to our clients.

Diversity is another wonderful thing that I appreciate about SEC Newgate, as not only do we have colleagues of many different nationalities, but also with different professional backgrounds and areas of focus. One colleague might be a corporate communications champion while another could be a private equity expert. There is always so much to learn from them. Every week in our catch-up meetings, and even in casual chats, I return to my desk with plenty of food for thoughts from my colleagues.

Beyond work

Every morning I began my day with a hot cuppa in a red Churchill mug, sat at my desk with a view of Tai Kwun, and started my daily routine. We have an open-plan office, which gives a sense that everyone’s well within reach. This encourages discussion and eliminates door-knocking bureaucracy. And you can’t possibly miss the cherry on top – the happy hour session we hold towards the end of the week. Everyone gathers in the kitchen area and pours each other glasses of wine (or beer), opens up a few bags of snacks and crisps, and has a good chat as we catch up with our colleagues. This is when you realise that your colleagues are not merely the experts you look up to – but also good friends, who will all be dearly missed after I return to campus.

Thank you, SEC Newgate, for giving me the opportunity to intern with you. I am sure we will keep in touch!


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